Chapter 12 Marathon 2005 – Andy’s Wheelchair Finish Plan

Watch:  CBS4-TV News produced a human interest story on “Team Andy” for one for their newscasts leading up to the 2005 Boston Marathon.

As I had carried Andy on my back across the finish line for our first five marathons, prior to the 2005 marathon, Andy decided that he wanted to be a more active participant in crossing the finish line.  At a Children’s Hospital Marathon Team reception, he introduced me to his plan:  “Ray, you know how you always carry me on your back and you cross the finish line ahead of me?  Well, this year I want to do it in my wheelchair.  And I’m going to cross the finish line before you!”  He paused, and then added:  “Because I’ve seen you run, and I know I can beat you!”

The next time Andy and I met, Andy was very excited about crossing the finish line in his wheelchair for the first time, and re-stated his plan to finish ahead of me.  So I suggested: “Andy, since its our tradition for me to finish just ahead of you, what do you think of the idea that when we get very close to the finish line, you hold back a little so I can finish first and continue our tradition”“OH OH NO!!” said Andy, vigorously waving off what he obviously considered to be a ridiculous idea. “No Way!!  I’ll bet that I’ll beat you!

I accepted the challenge, saying, “All right.  What’s the bet?”

Andy knew what he liked and quickly replied: “A dish of ice cream!”

I replied, “Okay, I really like ice cream.  You’re on.”

Andy thought for a little bit, and then said, in a condescending tone:  “Don’t worry; I’ll share it with you”.

He was beating me in this duel of wits.  I was on the ropes, and the best that I could come back with was,  “Hey, wait a minute.  You’re talking like you have it won already.  What if I win?”

Andy rolled his eyes and dripping with sarcasm, said: “Right.  Like we both know THAT’S gonna happen!”

He then gave me a patronizing look while pointing to his flexed bicep, and said: “Ray, Get real!  I’ve been working out!”

Watch:  The unedited version of Alice Cook’s interview of Andy Martin for the News segment aired prior to the 2005 Boston Marathon.

Watch:  The unedited version of Alice Cook’s interview of Ray Phillips for the News segment aired prior to the 2005 Boston Marathon.

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Chapter 13: Marathon 2005 – Andy and Ray Race Each Other to the Finish


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